Paying Parking Tickets

A City of London media release:

The City of London today launched its much anticipated new online parking ticket payment option.

Anyone needing to pay a parking ticket is now able to access the City’s website at and use one of three major credit cards to complete their payment. Multiple tickets can also be paid in the same transaction.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer this convenient new option for paying parking tickets,” says Shane Maguire, Division Manager of Parking and Traffic Signals. “This online payment system is part of the City’s continued commitment to provide access to public services 24/7.”

Those living outside of the city will also benefit from this new online service as payments can be made anywhere Internet access is available.

Parking tickets can also be paid at the Provincial Offences Office located at 824 Dundas Street, or by mail to:

The Corporation of the City of London
P.O.Box 5400, STN A
London ON
N6A 4L6

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